Fiona McIntosh

art advisor and consultant, commentator and tour leader

Grad Cert Business Studies, Philanthropy & Nonprofit Studies, Queensland University of Technology

MA (Arts Admin) College of Fine Arts University of NSW

BA (Fine Art & Italian) Australian National University Canberra & University of Sydney

Fiona has an extensive background across the visual arts generally in Australia. She has a deep understanding of contemporary art practices and the industry and individuals which support it. She is particularly interested in philanthropy in the visual arts and the frameworks which build enduring support.

As an art advisor, Fiona offers clients meaningful and relevant ways in which to experience and acquire artworks of quality and distinction.

As a commentator and tour guide, Fiona publishes her writings on current art exhibitions and events, and works with luxury travel operators to develop and guide bespoke tours of public and private galleries for international tourists and interested locals, presenting an informed insight into the Australian art scene.

As a consultant, Fiona advises organisations and individuals in the visual arts, on issues and strategies which include philanthropy and funding, events, commissions, residencies and touring exhibitions.

Instagram  @fineartFiona and @ArtNowTours

“Fiona knew a great deal about her subject, asked excellent questions of the artists and was
interested to know more about each member of the group. Perfect!”

“Fiona was fabulous, she clearly had invested enormous time, energy and creativity into
preparing and delivering on this tour. Her lecture was intelligent and very well researched
and her chats with the various artists were engaging and informative.”

“Fiona is a veritable “art bank” Was most willing to share her incredible
knowledge with the group at all times.”

From guests on Illawarra Art Tour with Renaissance Tours, Aug 2020


Art is an integral part of any home, it can complement and enhance the interior aesthetic, it has the power to uplift moods and change the spirit of a room.

Art is an expression of an artist’s ideas about the world we live in and tells the stories of those who live with it.

So how do you go about purchasing art? Or, as is the case with many of our clients, how do you find that next special piece?

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No Chintz Sydney, blog post 6 July 2020