The art of (mis) appropriation: CAUGHT STEALING at National Art School GalleryRead More

Artists have borrowed, sampled, nicked, copied, cut and pasted, adopted, hijacked, referenced, remixed and/or repurposed imagery and ideas from ‘elsewhere’ for centuries, to create their own artworks. Leaving aside the intention to ‘pass off’ as their own images and ideas taken from someone else, when done with creative integrity, appropriation in art offers another way […]

A fine time with Playtime: Isaac Julien in SydneyRead More

Not many artists get invited to speak at the World Leaders Forum hosted by Columbia University in NYC. I imagine few would put artists together with economists, scientists, academics, politicians and corporate bigwigs in the same “world leader” category. In 2011 British artist Isaac Julien, as the Mellon Visiting Fellow, was a key note speaker at […]