South Eveleigh: a new urban villageRead More

Should you go down to the railyards tonight, you’ll be sure of a big surprise! You may not have noticed, but a lot is happening south of Carriageworks, at the Eveleigh Railway Yards. Two years ago South Eveleigh, formerly known as Australian Technology Park, was a minor tech hub, with the heritage railway workshops and […]

The public in art: text-based artworks in Surry HillsRead More

Public art comes in many guises. At its core, its role is to encourage a more meaningful experience for a community of its shared public spaces. It provides a focus to publicly commemorate an event, or person, or express a collective sentiment. It enhances our architectural and environmental surrounds and, at its best, inspires conversations […]

From the fast lane: public sculpture along the freeways of MelbourneRead More

Is it an ad? Is it an unfinished property development?  Is it a roadside resort? No, it’s an artwork. It’s a mega sculpture,  Hotel by Callum Morton on the side of ConnectEast freeway in Melbourne.                 They do things differently south of the border, particularly along their freeways. […]