Guided art experiencesRead More

Bespoke private art tours, meeting artists and collectors, visiting galleries and exhibition events, experiencing the richness and depth of contemporary art across Australia.

Podcast FineArtFionaRead More

This is a podcast about art: conversations between me & the people who create it, exhibit it, buy it, sell it, talk about it and, above all, love it. Our conversations reveal the depth, breadth and richness of the contemporary art scene. Find it on Spotify or Apple podcasts, or click here to listen to […]

Illawarra Art tour with Renaissance Tours, Feb-Mar 2021Read More

Discover the rich diversity of the thriving arts communities of the NSW Illawarra region through its celebrated regional galleries and artist studios. I’d love you to join me on this art tour from Tues 2 – Thurs 4 March 2021 We’ll visit: Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre, the vibrant hub of arts activity in […]

South Eveleigh: a new urban villageRead More

Should you go down to the railyards tonight, you’ll be sure of a big surprise! You may not have noticed, but a lot is happening south of Carriageworks, at the Eveleigh Railway Yards. Two years ago South Eveleigh, formerly known as Australian Technology Park, was a minor tech hub, with the heritage railway workshops and […]

The art of (mis) appropriation: CAUGHT STEALING at National Art School GalleryRead More

Artists have borrowed, sampled, nicked, copied, cut and pasted, adopted, hijacked, referenced, remixed and/or repurposed imagery and ideas from ‘elsewhere’ for centuries, to create their own artworks. Leaving aside the intention to ‘pass off’ as their own images and ideas taken from someone else, when done with creative integrity, appropriation in art offers another way […]

The public in art: text-based artworks in Surry HillsRead More

Public art comes in many guises. At its core, its role is to encourage a more meaningful experience for a community of its shared public spaces. It provides a focus to publicly commemorate an event, or person, or express a collective sentiment. It enhances our architectural and environmental surrounds and, at its best, inspires conversations […]

Aloha! a memorable art experience in HonoluluRead More

You may hear Aloha and think leis, mai tais and Waikiki. But, as I have recently discovered, there is much more to the city of Honolulu, indeed the islands of Hawaii, than the obvious clichés. There is art to be had, of a calibre and richness that is both inspirational and enjoyable. On Diamond Head, […]

Move, groove & jump to the beat: Amrita Hepi X Adrian Piper at Cement FonduRead More

At some point in all our lives we’ve picked up a skipping rope and jumped over it. Maybe  in the playground or in the gym. For play or a serious fitness workout. With a group of friends or on our own. Invariably in time to a musical beat or song. We’ve seen boxers do it […]

The art of bronzeRead More

            It seems that sculpture takes front and centre stage in springtime, what with the annual whirlwind of Sculpture by the Sea, the always enjoyable Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize and the increasing numbers of more modest outdoor sculpture festivals in country gardens and vineyards across NSW. And added to the […]

Art and adventures in the Top EndRead More

                        I couldn’t refuse the offer from a friend to join her on an art tour to the Top End led by Wally Caruana. The tour, organised by Renaissance Tours for the Art Gallery Society, was designed around looking at and learning about ancient […]